Feels like Home…

I’ve been here for a month now (yes, one month today!) and it’s just started feeling like home.
I know it has not been a one-off change from grey to color but the process is still long and there will be (many) other moments when I feel unease and not confident. But still, it happened. It might have been by pure chance, but I experienced it.
Waking up pretty early, bumping into my flatmate and mismatching the bathroom scheduling, then checking the tfl website for major “engineering works” on the tube (safe, they won’t impact my routes today!) leaving on the bus, changing to the overground, then meeting an agent for a house viewing, stopping at the italian Gastronomica (that I already knew) for an espresso, then heading to London Bridge and Tate Modern to meet a (new) friend (of a friend, one of the many contacts that I got from friends wanting to help me out with my relocation to London!!), had a lovely chat at a cozy bar overiewing River Thames and London, then enjoyed a very interesting exhibition by Gabriel Orozco, popped into the Gallery’s shop, then to Borogh Market, had a super tasty (and super filling) roasted pork with apple cream on a sandwich :))) spent more time in the market for some grocery, then headed back home willing to go for a run in Greenwich Park but had plan disrupted by Lorenzo with girlfriend who were in the Village, then we had a beer (or pear cider). Walked by the Greenwich Library to subscribe as a member but was closed, then I went to a book shop and bought Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray for 3 £. Deal. Ended up spending my saturday night at home with my flatmate, preparing pumpkin and leek soup and watching a dvd on Bob Dylan.
PS. The soup was supposed to be a cream but 1. I put to much water 2. the blender was not an option. So I went manually (with scissors) and that was enough.

Bed time now.
Yes, I am one month down on the count of “diary”. But today was a milestone. I couldn’t help sharing it.

London, 13 February 2011


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