Feeling inspired is feeling alive

I had met that feeling already under my skin, not properly shaped yet, without a name.
Then the word started to fit into my head, not longer than two years ago.
Inspiring – it was very frequent in the London2012 narrative. I found it much more true with regards to the Paralympic experience anyway- just simpler, quiter, much more felt.

And now here it is – in the very same London it is being screamed to my face again: INSPIRING!

It is indeed, the story of Dan Eldon, a photojournalist killed in Somalia in 1993 when he was on an assignment with Reuters. He was just 22.
His mother, Katy, such a passionate woman, came yesterday to class to present her life, and Dan’s and much more…

This is something that tells that story- and the story of many other journalists that feel the urge to be there and bear witness.

Creative Visions is an organisation founded by Katy and her daughter Amy for creative activists willing to improve the world.
Don’t miss Dan’s journals full of pictures, drawings, words and ideas.

And keep an eye out for the feature film that Katy and Amy will produce next year on Dan’s journey across Africa.


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