Photography (not) for everyone

Embed from Getty Images


For those who struggle to take a decent picture (like me!)

For those who wish they were on the frontline but are sadly sitting in their London flat

For those who want to stun their readers through an amazing picture

For those bloggers, online writers or journalists who really need a (great) picture above their post


For these people and many more, this may be great news.


Getty Images, one of the largest photographic agencies worldwide has released licences of millions of their pictures for online editorial use.  No sanctions nor sues, we are all allowed to go to the Getty website and embed the pictures we like most from their database directly in our webpage.

Getty realised that they can’t control how much their material spreads and reproduces throughout the web, so they decided to let it go.

Let me rephrase it: Getty realised that their material spread and was reproduced throughout the web despite their controls and checks, therefore they decided to let it go.

But of course this is not just an act of generosity. Getty will still own the pictures and will retain the advertising rights on it.

So, there is one caveat.

Once the image gets a number of views, expected to be around one million, the Agency has the right to exploit it commercially selling ads on it. It is a similar business model behind popular youtube videos.

If your tiny blog, your community page, your self-published essay or your online article hits one million views, then it will start generating money – not for you, sorry.

The problem is that Getty has not yet decided how many impression will be considered to be a critical mass nor how the ad will look like and therefore how the post will be affected.

But are we really going to be bothered? As we say in Italian: I wish I had such problem! One million views…?!


Learn more at


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