Charities and fundraising


In this interesting article, Repubblica calls volunteering and charities the welfare system during crisis time. Generosity of fellow citizens, either in terms of donations of money or time, is a very important part of it.
I think there is a bit of a difference between how people raise money in Italy and in the UK.
In Italy I mainly came across organisations asking to set up a regular donations for a project or donate money one off or very often buying tickets for special events; sometimes spontaneous committees are created to raise funds for a specific cause, usually quite community based
In the UK I learned about something new and different, more individual. People embark in great adventures or little personal challenges and ask friends and supporters to donate towards the completion of that goal. For example, you may decide to run the London Marathon to raise funds for something you care about, and friends can support your effort with their donations.
I think this would be a great idea to develop in Italy.

More resources on charities on the Charity Commission website

or on this italian dedicated website:

And don’t miss the flagship publication for everything related to volunteering, solidarity and social issues : VITA



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