Rubik goes Eastbound


A young smart-looking guy walks into the eastbound Skytrain from Vancouver to Surrey; he looks self confident and calm, no major worries in his mind. He holds a large torn backpack, it is clearly the bag he carries every day, either for work or leisure activities. He lays it down on the ground between his feet, without paying too much attention to that action as his mind is now clearly set on another activity: he takes a Rubik’s cube out of his pocket and starts scrambling it with automatic gestures. His eyes are somewhere else, in the space around him, not even on other people, neither to his backpack.

Then something sweet happens. A hand stretches out in between the other people’s bodies towards the guy, holding a small Rubik’s Cube, old and jumbled, keys hanging. The guy immediately understands what it is all about, he puts his own cube back into his pocket and starts working on the little one. “It has been in my pocket for ages”. He smiles. What the young lady is telling him is true: the mechanism is almost stuck, he has to patiently make it smoother, but shortly he starts flipping the cube in his hands, his expertise quickly showing up. The train stops, doors open, then close and the train moves again. And again, and again.

A final sprint, the doors open, the guy grabs his backpack and hops off the train, she follows him. He hands the keychain back to the lady “Thank you” “No problem, I had to hop off here anyway”. And their directions split.512px-Rubik's_Cube extracted



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