Second Post… First impressions

First day at the office was exciting but a bit useless. Well, useful to overcome the excitement.

A lot of introductions, getting lost in the corridors, meeting people and understanding few things.

Then second day: ACTION!

We start with a conference on the International Youth Day and beside seeing Sec Gen ban Ki-moon from faraway (in the central seat in the pic), I was welcomed by a brilliant tribute to Robin Williams, in the UN event about Youth and Mental Health. You see, these things can happen even at the UN !


[Robin Williams made me cry in that movie… and Mr Gass from UNDESA gave me goosebumps]

Second event of the day: briefing (mainly terrible news from all over the world) of Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon – the same one. Biut this time much closer.

One thing struck me: that super shiny UN pin on his jacket. It remembered me of two things:

– H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s earrings at the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games

– One of the final scenes of Schindler’s list… which involves a pin too…

Then, not to be lazy, I decided to write my first little (bylined!) news brief for IPS Terraviva on the event. Just to break the ice. This is the link

Or this one that will hold all my pieces and will be updated constantly

What else? Haven’t seen many people in the elevators so I can’t tell if they look the floor or not. But I can tell the corridors are large and empty. The escalators are narrow (and empty too). And people on the escalators do not walk. Will figure out why.

Then, first reception hosted by the Indian ambassador and others to commemorate WWI. Apparently a quite high profile event with ambassadors – but I didn’t know any. So I just looked around and smile. Like a real BLONDE !! 🙂 When asked my first impressions I said: it feels a lot like the Games. You hang out with people from all over the world and social extraction… Those who don’t know about the Olympics just gave me a weird look. But who cares?

I left the reception and the office with Joan, a lovely and sparkling lady from IPS who gave me a few hints.

And showed me the perfect photo position:

IMG_2257 IMG_2258


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