Inter Press Service – U.N. Correspondent, United Nations Bureau (New York)

The pieces I wrote for IPS News U.N. Bureau in the glass house are all gathered here: IPS / Author / Gloria Schiavi 

For those of you who know nothing about IPS, it is an international news agency that focuses on the South of the world to provide alternative information to the mainstream media. These are the websites for IPS News and the UN Terraviva newsletter (most relevant to the UN Bureau) And you can follow IPS News on social media too: @ipsnews 

Pieces for the wire:

The Double Burden of Malnutrition 

Family Farmers – Forward to the Future 

Family Farming – A Way of Life 

Urban Population to Reach 3.9 Billion by Year End 

Indigenous Peoples Seek Presence in Post-2015 Development Agenda


Marine Protection as Stand-Alone Goal for Post-2015 Agenda? 

U.N. Sees Progress in Death Penalty Moratorium 

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Still Lag Behind in Latin America 

ECLAC Report on Mitigating Climate Change Effects 

“No Planet B”: Marchers Demand Swift Action on Climate Change 

New U.N. Mission to Fight Spreading Ebola Virus 

UNICEF Offers Psychosocial Support to Traumatised Children in Gaza 

UNFPA Supports Abducted Nigerian Girls’ Transition to Normal Life 

NU.N. Underlines Key Role for Youth and Sports on Development 


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